RPO – The 5 Things You Need to Know

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has taken the recruitment process to a whole new level over the past decade. In recent years, it has redefined how companies attract, recruit, and retain their top-tier talent. What once felt like a standard outsourcing B2B relationship has evolved into a strategic, integrated, and holistic approach to a company’s vision, mission, and culture of growth and sustainability. RPO helps bridge the gap between just hiring for the next available opening and strategically acquiring the right people with the right skills and personality to help grow and innovate the business.

To help you better understand RPO and how it differs from other recruitment and hiring options, Ontech Talent is putting RPO in the interview chair! We’re giving you a deeper look into what exactly RPO is, how it works, the key differentiators of RPO, and how your company can utilize RPO to attain the right talent. Here are the top 5 things to know.

  1. What is RPO?

First, to best understand what Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is, we’ll highlight what RPO is not. RPO is not just some staffing firm you call up when you have an opening. It is also not simply “outsourced recruiting” where the whole hiring process is disconnected from the company’s values and mission. RPO is a strategic approach to recruitment, offering access to hiring professionals who truly understand the market of talent, the landscape of competition, and trends and best practices for attracting, recruiting, hiring, and retaining top-tier talent.

What makes RPO stand out? Its unique flexibility makes it a popular choice for companies that need a tailored approach to talent acquisition. It is not a one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box partnership.

In short, RPO is a customized partnership between you and a skilled talent acquisition expert who understands your unique company profile and talent acquisition needs. This model is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment function while allowing the company to focus on its core business activities.


  1. How Does RPO Work?

Understanding that RPO is a strategic partnership, it allows talent experts like our team at Ontech Talent to merge with your company, going all-in with your organization’s values, mission, vision, and culture.

We integrate with your team to help fill talent gaps by refining the company’s strategic actions like employer branding, candidate sourcing and screening processes, and various HR and hiring tactics to give you a full spectrum approach to talent acquisition and retention.

RPO can be utilized in a variety of scenarios, such as if your company does not have a recruiting team and wants your internal HR team to remain dedicated to HR, RPO will work wonderfully.  Or, if your company has no recruiting team or HR team, RPO is a cost-effective, efficient way to expand your team without developing a whole department.  The RPO partnership is a sort of hand-off of those acquisition pieces of the business over to Ontech Talent so that we can leverage the direct connections with your team of managers, set up the interviews, provide feedback, place the ads, and take over the recruiting process.

  1. What Makes RPO Different from Other Options?

RPO is a full-package approach. So much so that we become one with a physical Ontech Talent expert operating in-house at your office for a set number of hours/days in a week. This allows the partnership to truly flourish in real-time, giving you tangible access to our talent while allowing us to integrate with your organization’s evolving talent needs efficiently. RPO is not an outsourced contractor operating in a silo.

In addition, the cost savings that come with this recruitment partnership set it apart from other offerings. This, coupled with the physical presence of the expert recruiters onsite at your organization to manage the process from start to offer, and even some onboarding, makes this solution a top choice for many organizations.

RPO is a cost-savings solution with built-in dedicated resources so that a seemingly outsourced agreement really becomes an internal partnership with vast growth potential.

We know the ins and outs of the IT and Engineering industry job market and seamlessly flow that knowledge, experience, and skill into your organization’s fibers so there’s no disconnect. Talk with us today to explore RPO for your company.


  1. How Can My Company Utilize RPO Services?

RPO at its core is an embedded relationship, but there are several different models in which we can engage and embed with your organization to deliver premium results. Based on your organization’s needs, Ontech Talent can engage in an RPO relationship in the following ways:

  • Organizational RPO – This full-service option takes on the employer branding, sourcing, engaging, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and retention efforts from a global, organizational standpoint. Your talent acquisition goals and needs become our drivers.
  • Project-based RPO – Not all companies need recruitment overhaul. We get it. This option is truly flexible, allowing for a hyper-focused relationship to bloom to help acquire a certain number of hires within a defined timeframe. This is best utilized when your internal team has reached maximum capacity but top-tier talent is a high priority. Let Ontech Talent be the engine so your team can keep its dedicated focus where it should be.
  • Localized RPO – This RPO engagement is similar to the Organizational RPO offering but for a specific location, unit, business department, or even a crucial position, like hiring C-suite and Senior Level Executives, within your organization.
  • Continual RPO – While we don’t like to think of this as a retainer or a subscription-based engagement, sometimes having that mindset can help organizations understand and prioritize the ongoing nature of talent acquisition. Not every season or position will require the same expert skills, but you want to be prepared to act swiftly as the employee landscape changes and evolves.

While all of these RPO models are different, the one key element is how integrated Ontech Talent is throughout the entirety of the relationship, no matter the model.

  1. Next Steps

RPO offers organizations a scalable, cost-effective solution to their recruitment needs, allowing them to access specialized expertise, technology, and resources while focusing on their core business objectives. If you do not have a recruiting team with a dedicated HR person or department, or you’ve maximized all internal resources for recruiting and you still need positions filled, RPO is right for you!

RPO is best utilized when organizations want to outsource recruitment without feeling any detachment from internal efforts, values, and goals.

Manage, expand, and nurture your talent recruitment, acquisition, and retention efforts. Contact us today to get started.