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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO is a customized partnership between you and a skilled talent acquisition expert who understands your unique company profile and talent acquisition needs. Overall cost savings with dedicated resources that act as your internal recruiting team.

We Become One With You

RPO is a full-package approach where we become one with you, with a physical Ontech Talent expert operating in-house for a set number of hours/days in a week. This allows the partnership to truly flourish in real-time, giving you tangible access to our talent while allowing us to integrate with your organization’s evolving talent needs efficiently. RPO is not just another outsourced contractor operating in a silo.

Partnering with the Ontech Talent team and our recruitment, acquisition, and retention experts gives your organization a competitive advantage. Enhance talent acquisition efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and quantity in a scalable and cost-effective way, all while allowing your internal team to remain focused on business objectives.

One Team – One Contact Point – No Disconnect

Talk to us today to learn more about this type of engagement.

RPO Models

RPO at its core is an embedded relationship, but there are several different models in which we can engage and embed with your organization to deliver premium results. Based on your organization’s needs, Ontech Talent can engage in an RPO relationship in the following ways:

Organizational RPO – This full-service option takes on the employer branding, sourcing, engaging, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and retention efforts from a global, organizational standpoint. Your talent acquisition goals and needs become our drivers. Embed the skills, knowledge, expertise, experiences, and strategies of Ontech Talent with your organization.

Project-based RPO – Not all companies need recruitment overhaul. We get it. This option is truly flexible, allowing for a hyper-focused relationship to bloom to help acquire a certain amount of hires within a defined timeframe. This is best utilized when your internal team has reached maximum capacity but top-tier talent is a high priority. We become one with you for however long your need us to be.

Localized RPO – This RPO engagement is similar to the Organizational RPO offering but for a specific location, unit, business department, or even a crucial position, like hiring C-suite and Senior Level Executives, within your organization. Localize RPO can provide a smooth runway for organizations looking to expand their recruitment efforts across all departments and locations.

Continual RPO – While we don’t like to think of this as a retainer or a subscription-based engagement, sometimes having that mindset can help organizations understand and prioritize the ongoing nature of talent acquisition. Not every season or position will require rigorous recruiting, but you want to be prepared to act swiftly as the employee landscape evolves.

While all of these RPO models are different, the one key element is how integrated Ontech Talent is throughout the entirety of the relationship, no matter the model.

Our Process

The Ontech Talent recruiting process is a comprehensive six-step approach.

  1. Needs Assessment – Understand and evaluate the recruiting needs of the organization, culture and expectations.
  2. Onsite integration & Start – Seamless integration in the company and with your team where we start working on urgent needs from day 1.
  3. Open Positions & Strategic Planning – We start working in each open position right away, while also defining the strategy for the current and future needs.
  4. Candidate Discovery – From the design of job narratives to candidate evaluation. Includes crafting compelling job narratives and strategically disseminating opportunities, thorough pre-screening, in-depth interviews, and candidate evaluation.
  5. Top Selection – Top candidates are presented to key stakeholders, and interview processes are coordinated directly with team members and/or area managers.
  6. Conclude Selection – the selection process involves debriefing with the client/ area managers and candidate, extending offers, and coordinating start dates.
  7. Onboarding  & Follow-up – Ensure ongoing engagement with placed candidates and maintain client satisfaction through regular check-ins, forming a holistic and client-centric recruitment journey. Support with onboarding can be coordinated to guarantee a seamless onboarding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about RPO

What types of organizations utilize RPO?2024-06-17T07:43:30+00:00

There is a vast amount of industries and companies RPO can work for but a few examples of companies that could greatly benefit from RPO for hiring tech talent include:

  • Manufacturing / Engineering
  • Consumer Brands
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • And more!

Talk with our talent acquisition experts to learn more about the variety of industries we serve and the types of positions we fill.

Can RPO help with HR initiatives, curating culture, and employer branding?2024-06-17T07:41:52+00:00

Yes! In fact, we start there. Before we source any talent, we first want to make sure we fully understand and align with the company’s mission, vision, values, needs, opportunities, and challenges. This allows us to embed our skillset into your company and for your company’s heartbeat to bleed into our work. There may be a solid foundation that just needs some additional support or perhaps your company has struggled with culture and employer branding. The RPO engagement presents the perfect opportunity to focus on this area and generate meaningful strategies, tactics, and results that will move the needle in your recruitment and your retention. Think of RPO as an extension or a department within your HR unit.

Can RPO help with a C-Suite or Senior Level Executive Search?2024-06-17T07:41:18+00:00

Yes! RPO can leverage skilled targeting to match top-tier executive-level candidates to your company. However, you can use RPO to hire any position, from executive, C-suite, full-time, part-time, temporary, contract/freelancers, etc. Ontech Talent does not put a limit on who can be recruited and which position can be filled through this engagement.

Is RPO limited to a certain number of hires?2024-06-17T07:40:48+00:00

No! The volume, speed, scale, and quality of hiring is not limited in any way by RPO. In fact, it is enhanced through deeper ties between Ontech Talent and your organization as well as technology and tools that can dial in your company’s hiring process to make it most effective and efficient. Whether is 1 position or 100+, the RPO is designed to meet your hiring needs with tailored recruitment strategies.

Can RPO be “on demand” or as needed?2024-06-17T07:40:21+00:00

Yes! RPO does not have to be an all-or-nothing engagement. Every organization has different needs that ebb and flow with various growth seasons. Ontech Talent offers project-based, localized, and continual RPO engagements in addition to Organizational or End-to-end. Talk with us today to see which option fits your needs the best!

What is End-to-end RPO?2024-06-17T07:39:40+00:00

End-to-end, Enterprise, or Organizational RPO is an all-inclusive model of RPO engagement. This means the entire recruitment lifecycle process is cared for by the Ontech Talent export in your RPO engagement. We are the ones who take the time to focus on the employer branding, overall engagement internally and externally, sourcing, screening, hiring, onboarding, etc. We align ourselves with your company’s mission, vision, values, and needs and execute on your behalf. We become one with you!

What’s the difference between RPO and MSP?2024-06-17T07:39:08+00:00

While both Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) have a common goal to improve the efficiency of your organization’s talent acquisition process, RPO focuses on the recruitment function from a analytical, planning, executing, retention standpoint whereas MSP focuses on contingent workforce solutions like Statement of Work (SOW) engagements, staffing agencies or temporary workforces, and other contract labor-type work. RPO engagements are long-term partnerships with extensive integration. MSP are more variable with a more restrictive scope.

How do you mitigate lower-quality hires?2024-06-17T07:38:34+00:00

This comes with our years of expertise and knowledge in the IT & Engineering industry and professional talent acquisition space. Every option you consider is vulnerable to poor quality candidates and hires, but Ontech Talent leverages our unique expertise, knowledge, tools, resources, technologies, and network, as well as current trends, opportunities, and challenges in the recruitment industry as a whole, to deliver the best possible service. All of this improves hiring quality outcomes for you. It’s not a general approach to recruiting. RPO is tailored, targeted, and strategically specific to your organization.

How does your team really get to know the organization and our culture, values, and challenges?2024-06-17T07:37:54+00:00

We become one with you. We take this responsibility and opportunity to embed into your organization as “one of you” seriously, taking care to keep accountability at the forefront of all we do. When we first engage in an RPO relationship, there is a period of onboarding we run ourselves through so that we really understand the organization from all angles. This allows us to design a tailored recruiting solution that’s right for you. This is not a one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box solution. These things take time, care, and attention, and we give you all of that.

Is RPO Expensive?2024-06-17T07:37:22+00:00

The service RPO provides for your organization is invaluable, granting you instrumental access to a team of IT & Engineering hiring experts who leverage the latest tools, resources, knowledge, and trends to your advantage. That said, it is an investment that is structured in a way to provide long-term savings and quality ROI. The cost-per-hire is expected to decrease as well as giving you more control over how, what, and when you spend your recruitment budget, and who you spend it on. Talk to our experts today to get an RPO quote.

How does RPO work?2024-06-17T07:29:04+00:00

When an RPO relationship is engaged, all of the recruitment process is transferred to Ontech Talent experts. Our experts review your organization’s talent needs and current or future openings and opportunities, assess your current hiring process taking into consideration any technologies or tools in use, highlight areas to improve in order to maximize and align recruiting efforts with the organization’s needs, design a tailored talent acquisition solution for your organization, set goals and accountability measures, and then execute the process with efficiency effectiveness, and quality in mind.

Is RPO just a fancy term for outsourced recruiting?2024-06-17T07:29:09+00:00

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is so much more than working with an outsourced, external hiring firm. RPO is a recruitment model that fosters true integration and allows the talent acquisition team to truly embed themselves within the organization to thoroughly understand your employer’s brand, culture, and talent needs. The overall process of actually attracting, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, etc. may look similar to other models but what sets this a part is the true integration of the talent team within your organization.

Partnering with Ontech Talent

Ontech Talent serves a diverse range of mid-to-large companies, offering comprehensive IT and engineering staffing solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of today’s dynamic business landscape. Our services cater to organizations seeking top-tier professionals to drive innovation, streamline operations, and achieve their strategic business objectives. With a focus on excellence and a commitment to fostering lasting partnerships, we empower companies across various industries to build robust, efficient, and talented teams that propel their business growth.

Experience the Difference

Our commitment to excellence and industry expertise has solidified Ontech Talent as a trusted staffing partner for companies seeking exceptional IT and Engineering talent. Let us propel your business forward with the right people, the right skills, and the right solutions.

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