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Your Strategic Advantage in IT and Engineering Talent Recruiting. Our extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge recruitment strategies enable us to seamlessly match high-caliber professionals with permanent or contract positions, ensuring business growth and success for our esteemed clients.

Ontech Talent specializes in providing tailored recruitment solutions for organizations across various industries. Whether you’re a mid-sized enterprise or a Fortune 500 company, we’ve got you covered. From data scientists and software developers to IT service technicians and cloud engineers, Ontech Talent offers recruitment services for a wide range of technical roles. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your cybersecurity team, build high-performance engineering teams, or fill specialized positions such as controls engineers, we have the expertise and resources to find the right talent for your organization. Talk to us today.

Your Strategic Advantage in IT and Engineering Staffing

Sourcing and placing top-tier professionals for permanent positions within your organization.

Our contract positions offer flexible solutions for specialized projects or short-term staffing needs.

Our talent experts integrate with your team, to fill talent position gaps you need when you need it. Learn more about RPO

Quick and Fast but Built to Last

Quickly acquire quality candidates that match up to your company’s unique needs, qualifications, and culture.

With an average fill time of just 15 days, Ontech Talent streamlines the recruitment process to deliver qualified candidates efficiently. We prioritize speed and quality, ensuring that you can quickly onboard top talent to meet your business needs without sacrificing the caliber of candidates.

Our Process

The Ontech Talent recruiting process is a comprehensive six-step approach.

  1. It begins with evaluating the situation, involving position analysis, opportunity exploration, candidate evaluation, company understanding, and setting realistic timelines.
  2. The strategic planning phase follows, focusing on crafting compelling job narratives and strategically disseminating opportunities.
  3. The third step, candidate discovery, includes thorough pre-screening, in-depth interviews, and candidate evaluation.
  4. Subsequently, the top candidates are presented to the client, and interview processes are coordinated.
  5. The selection process involves debriefing with the client and candidate, extending offers, and coordinating start dates.
  6. Post-placement follow-ups ensure ongoing engagement with placed candidates and maintain client satisfaction through regular check-ins, forming a holistic and client-centric recruitment journey.

Bonus Step: Repeat! Ontech Talent is your talent recruitment, acquisition, and retention partner for finding and keeping the best IT and Engineering professionals you need, when you need them.

Why Ontech Talent?

At Ontech Talent, we believe your people are your most valuable asset. And so we’ve made it our mission to be passionate about people, with confidence in our relationship-building approach to recruiting, acquiring, and retaining top-tier IT and Engineering talent. We don’t look at your hiring needs as just a position to fill, a box to check, or a task to complete. We look at the unique needs and profile of your organization and position qualifications and match the ideal IT and Engineering professionals to exacting needs. Your positions do get filled, but not just with anyone. Our approach is built to last with quality as a top priority.

Let’s discover your perfect fit with Ontech Talent guiding every step of the process. Talk with an Ontech Talent hiring and recruiting expert today!

Partnering with Ontech Talent

Ontech Talent serves a diverse range of mid-to-large companies, offering comprehensive IT and engineering staffing solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of today’s dynamic business landscape. Our services cater to organizations seeking top-tier professionals to drive innovation, streamline operations, and achieve their strategic business objectives. With a focus on excellence and a commitment to fostering lasting partnerships, we empower companies across various industries to build robust, efficient, and talented teams that propel their business growth.

Experience the Difference

Our commitment to excellence and industry expertise has solidified Ontech Talent as a trusted staffing partner for companies seeking exceptional IT and Engineering talent. Let us propel your business forward with the right people, the right skills, and the right solutions.

Contact Us today to explore how Ontech Talent can transform your organization with our comprehensive IT and Engineering staffing solutions.